What Others are Saying

"Let's talk real world. Do you have any friends that aren't imaginary?"

We have been VERY satisfied with 924design. What really impressed us is how interested they are in finding out exactly what we have in mind before beginning any work. Jeremiah is very approachable and goes the extra mile.
— Cassie Shaffer-Hymes, Shaffer Band
I love working with Jeremiah and 924design. He is creative, consistent, courteous and quick. He delivers what he says and even more! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
— Karen Hardin, Priority PR Group
924design has provided us with a creative and well functioning site which has received a tremendous response across the country and around the world. It is a privilege to partner with Jeremiah and 924design!
— William Van Crouch, Van Crouch Communications
[Jeremiah] was able to take our abstract ideas and materialize them within my site. I had the control that I wanted, but at the same time, I was confident in his creativeness. The final result is a website that I’m extremely proud of.
— Johnnie Rominger, Bad Lizard Granite
Jeremiah is an artist. With nothing but a rambling, bare-bones description of what I wanted, he quickly produced something closer to my vision than I could have myself. I’d give him my firstborn, if he’d let me.
— Derik Hefner, Death Ray Factory
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Jeremiah Wentz is without a doubt one of the most professional, accommodating, dependable and creative people I have ever worked with. He is a true relief and a breath of fresh air. Give him free reign and he delivers! Report a need by text or email and it seems as if he’s answered before you’ve hit “send.” Having the right person express your thoughts, intents and purposes to your target audience is priceless, and nobody can help you accomplish your goal better.
— Catherine Zoller, the Rhyme & Reason Series
Jeremiah is not only knowledgeable in his field, he provides superior customer service and support! He launched a beautiful website for us so we could reach our community effectively. I highly recommend 924 Design!
— Rachel White, HerSong
I couldn’t have imagined finding someone as helpful or knowledgeable as 924design! We’ve been able to attract business because of our website. They have gone above and beyond to help us no matter what we’ve needed.
— Jodi Stotler, Slanesville Store
924 Design has created a fresh, eye catching website that successfully brings to life the vision of my children’s book series. Jeremiah is quick, thorough and dependable. He is indeed the master web designer for all your needs!
— Lisa Boehm Trumbore, MiMi’s Everyday Adventure Series
Whenever I need to save the world, I call Jeremiah and 924design. Their super powers rival my own, even if Jeremiah’s hair is slightly less iconic.
— Superman (okay, we made this one up)